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The Truth About WWII

Fifteen or twenty years in the future, certain documents detailing as-yet-unknown facts about WWII will finally be released from the US government's archives. The dark secrets they reveal will shock our nation to its core.

It's probably related to the way DARPA has been changing history textbooks to tell a different story about WWII.

Communism has inspired a lot of deep philosophical thinking over the years, particularly during WWII. Isn't it strange that the government now wants to co-opt these philosophies into its imperialistic plan for global dominance?

Since I discovered these events, I have noticed that my phone buzzes every time I discuss this.

If you think Monsanto is what they claim, think again: in 2008, the night before the government bailout, DARPA accepted over $150 million in donations from Monsanto.

You can find subtle references to this in a number of official documents, but government red-tape makes sure that most of those documents are all but inaccessible to ordinary people.

Are you ready to see how deep the rabbit-hole goes? Take the red pill, brothers and sisters. Metaphorically, of course-- by now, you should know not to trust Big Pharma's pills.

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