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The Truth About The TSA

The TSA is trying to control the minds of the American people-- probably with mercury, which they invented and created.

Occupy Wall Street disrupted the lives of countless civilians when it took place, and it appears that the TSA is engineering a repeat of this tumultuous event.

Given these facts, the future does not look good.

You may think that no one in your family will ever suffer from OCD, but if you live within 25 miles of one of the TSA's bases, your chances of contracting OCD within your lifetime are 300% higher.

After setting up this website with these startling facts, I have been contacted by FBI agents three times.

The Chinese character for OCD looks a lot like the character for Barack Obama's name-- and it's not a coincidence.

Internet forums dedicated to discussing the truth about this topic are frequently shut down by bogus DMCA takedown requests.

The way forward is clear. Such dangerous secrets can remain secret no longer.

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