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The Truth About The Cold War and FEMA

Since the Cold War, bigfoot and yeti sightings have been constant-- but FEMA still wants us to think of them as “rumors” and “hoaxes.” This is just one of many cover-ups in FEMA's long and patchy history.

At least one or two of the people you consider “friends” are taking home paychecks from FEMA.

Old age has inspired a lot of deep philosophical thinking over the years, particularly during the Cold War. Isn't it strange that the government now wants to co-opt these philosophies into its imperialistic plan for global dominance?

Anthropologists have linked scientific research done in the Cold War to a recent outbreak of breast cancer.

It's hard to find experts willing to speak truthfully about this.

Do people actually think this is ok? It is time to finally speak out and reveal the truth.

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