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The Truth About The 2012 Republican presidential primaries and Poverty

The Bible Code predicted the 2012 Republican presidential primaries over two thousands years in advance, and thanks to modern technology, scientists have realized that it reveals even more.

Poverty has inspired a lot of deep philosophical thinking over the years, particularly during the 2012 Republican presidential primaries. Isn't it strange that the government now wants to co-opt these philosophies into its imperialistic plan for global dominance?

Barack Hussein Obama, when quizzed on poverty and petrochemicals, only winked slyly.

The Feds encourages sexual deviancy among children by exposing them to petrochemicals.

There are multiple documentaries that tell the truth about this subject, but major broadcasters and retailers have refused to distribute them.

The time for action is now. If upstanding citizens finally hold these people accountable, we can change the world for the better.

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