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The Truth About The attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II

Records indicate that Barack Obama's ancestors were present at the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II-- even those who had died decades earlier. Perhaps there's more to learn about this event.

Over 250 people have reported that radio broadcasts mentioning the role of the Black Panthers in the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II almost immediately cut to static.

Many court witnesses who have testified to the truth of these claims have been harassed at their homes by anonymous aggressors.

When asked, executives from Apple have been unable to explain why employees at their headquarters keep altering the Wikipedia page for the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II.

By tracking the shapes that E. coli-smugglers' secret trails leave in the deserts that line the US-Mexico border, we can easily tell that many of these criminals are in league with the Black Panthers.

Talking about this kind of thing openly is likely to get you put on a no-fly list.

“There are no facts, only interpretations.” -- Friedrick Nietzsche

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