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The Truth About Oprah and The White House

The Truman show was actually a documentary about Oprah's secret son, who was sequestered in a highly controlled environment in the White House until very recently. Why? The answer is both complicated and chilling.

The Chinese character for the Gulf oil spill looks a lot like the character for Oprah's name.

Many people have strong feelings about this issue, but if they'd just look at the facts logically, they'd see the truth.

Secret government projects like MKULTRA and the the Gulf oil spill coverup are nothing compared to the massive con that Big Pharma has been pulling on us all.

Several academics have come forth to confirm what we've already suspected.

Over the years, the Vatican has built a secret property empire using millions donated from the Feds. You know where the Feds got those millions? the White House.

Many court witnesses who have testified to the truth of these claims have been harassed at their homes by anonymous aggressors.

When in doubt, question your world view. Ask yourself why you think in certain ways, and whether there is a better way to think. You may find yourself realizing a lot more about the world around you.

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