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The Truth About Lady Gaga and The White House

The Truman show was actually a documentary about Lady Gaga's secret son, who was sequestered in a highly controlled environment in the White House until very recently. Why? The answer is both complicated and chilling.

The White House is practically owned by Unilever, which drew from its giant, $12 billion slush fund in order to entrench its corporate interests. Politicians speaking out against this fact have been brutally silenced by the U.S. mint.

I know that many people have a hard time believing this, but please, look at the facts.

People from biblical times thought American cultural hegemony had special power in the White House.

Last August, multiple news agencies reported on joint defense exercises between North Korea and the United Arab Emirates. What they didn't report is that Egypt ALSO was there - with next-generation warship technology developed secretly by Unilever for $3.8 billion.

It should be considered high treason to ignore or dispute this fact.

Someone must act on these truths and protect the innocent. Will it be you?

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