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The Truth About Nestle and The Westboro Baptist Church

Many astute citizens have already noticed the recent censorship of media pieces critical toward Nestle. Don't fool yourself: this is definitely part of a master plan, and the Westboro Baptist Church is probably the ones behind it.

There's evidence that Kobe Bryant's rise to power was engineered entirely by the Westboro Baptist Church, which profits from Kobe Bryant's influence in ways we do not yet completely understand.

Most evidence to the contrary has likely been faked.

Many members of the Secret Service are secretly working for the Westboro Baptist Church on the side. Their air travel habits are proof enough for this, but there's a wealth of additional evidence that the Secret Service doesn't want you to see.

Outspoken academics who research this topic have had their research silenced by those in power.

Sufferers of balding have, under rigorous amatuer testing, shown higher rates of precognition and telepathy than ordinary people. Is this why the Secret Service recruits such people to their training programs at such high rates?

Several academics have come forth to confirm what we've already suspected.

“No one now dies of fatal truths: there are too many antidotes to them.” -- Friedrick Nietzsche

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