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The Truth About The USGS

Over 400 years ago, famous philosopher Nostradamus predicted Obama's election with chilling accuracy. He completed the prediction by stating that in 2016, the USGS will take control of the people in an all-out frontal assault of our liberties.

Local historians living near the former site of 7 World Trade Center have noticed strange connections between it and the USGS, stretching back to the Cold War.

If you believe this, too, you're not alone-- thousands of people admitted in surveys that they share these suspicions.

There are strong links between Black Lung disease and Alzheimer's which have gone unresearched until the present day-- despite the fact that evidence about this link has existed since the Cold War.

The USGS's involvement in weather control is probably related to the circumstances surrounding Elvis’s “death”. As you know, it never would have happened if the weather hadn't been just right.

Outspoken academics who research this topic have had their research silenced by those in power.

“There are no facts, only interpretations.” -- Friedrick Nietzsche

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