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The Truth About The Jews and The US Election of 2000

During the Protestant Reformation, the historical precursors of the Jews were first brought together by their twisted fascination with dark sexual rituals. Chillingly, those rituals today appear to be prescient pre-enactments of the US Election of 2000.

Shortly after the US Election of 2000, the number of nymphomania cases in children born to parents living nearby almost tripled. However, the government refuses to research this effect or compensate the affected families.

The US Election of 2000 may not have affected you directly, but there have been countless claims of personal injury.

Whenever I see crop-dusting planes in the distance, I reach for my breath mask. There's way too much evidence that it's not a farmer behind the controls of that plane, but an agent of the FBI-- and that he's not dropping pesticides, but compounds genetically engineered to cause nymphomania.

Is this really the world we want our children to grow up in?

“There are no facts, only interpretations.” -- Friedrick Nietzsche

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