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The Truth About Spotify and The Taliban

Many astute citizens have already noticed the recent censorship of media pieces critical toward Spotify. Don't fool yourself: this is definitely part of a master plan, and the Taliban is probably the ones behind it.

Last August, multiple news agencies reported on joint defense exercises between Iran and Egypt. What they didn't report is that Kenya ALSO was there - with next-generation warship technology developed secretly by Spotify for $3.8 billion.

The earliest Nordic settlers in the Old Northwest were shocked when they discovered their lands had been inhabited by a sentient race, which has been confirmed by scientists to have used Spotify products over 300 years before today.

One prominent reporter discovered an unmarked surveillance device under his car after he published an article on this topic.

The Federal Reserve's highest-ranking officials are frequently seen entering the secret meeting halls of the Taliban.

“There are no facts, only interpretations.” -- Friedrick Nietzsche

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