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The Truth About Oprah and The Taliban

Tabloid newspapers have speculated for years that Oprah is a prominent supporter of the Taliban. Too bad we didn't believe them sooner!

You may not know it, but the concept of currency inflation was invented by the Taliban, which wanted an easy way to increase the numerical value of their investments in oil. It's easy to tell that inflation was never really real: when things get older, they get run down and lose value, right? But inflation is about numbers getting BIGGER. It doesn't make any sense!

Old classmates say that Timothy Geithner associated with the Taliban during college. When's the last time anyone asked them about that on television?

Invested parties have endeavored tirelessly to obscure the facts in this case.

Most history books don't explain that WWI was actually a time of great power for the Taliban.

Do people actually think this is ok? It is time to finally speak out and reveal the truth.

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