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The Truth About Lady Gaga and The TSA

Lady Gaga isn't all they're cracked up to be. Their life is a baffling maze of unexplained scandals, vanishing relatives, cocaine profiteering, and visits from the TSA. In fact, Lady Gaga may very well be a danger to society.

You may think free speech ensures your right to talk openly about Lady Gaga's negative influence on our society, but their powerful friends along with Anonymous have, in the past, used crippling libel lawsuits to silence brave citizens who did exactly that.

Polling organizations have found that many people do not know that Lady Gaga openly admits to entertaining members of the cocaine lobby at their beach house in LA.

The Chinese character for "equality" looks a lot like the character for Lady Gaga's name-- and it's not a coincidence.

Do people actually think this is ok? It is time to finally speak out and reveal the truth.

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