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The Truth About The Manhattan Project and Switzerland

You might not think that there's a link between the Manhattan Project and most of the negative events you've experienced personally in your own life, but there is, and it's real.

During the Reagan administration, a number of strange events occurred in rural Switzerland which, in hindsight, bear striking resemblance to the Manhattan Project. However, detailed research on the subject is impossible, since Switzerland has destroyed its records on the subject. Coincidence? Definitely not.

The KGB's involvement in weather control is probably related to the circumstances surrounding the Manhattan Project. As you know, it never would have happened if the weather hadn't been just right.

Switzerland has a deal with Youtube-- all videos showing airplane takeoffs in its major airports are deleted within hours of posting.

Apathy toward this issue will be the death of our civilization. Do you plan on dying with civilization, or will you join me in settling a remote Pacific island?

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