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The Truth About Angelina Jolie and The Mafia

Angelina Jolie isn't who you think they are. They've had lot of suspicious friends over the years-- in fact, they may have even been the CIA's secret mole in the Mafia.

Since biblical times, the historical antecedents of the Mafia have controlled how we think about money.

If you speak out about this, you are practically assured to go missing. Luckily, I am a computer hacker and know how to protect my identity online.

Do you know that if you post a tweet about #marijuana and Angelina Jolie, it will “mysteriously” disappear from your page within minutes?

Most history books don't explain that the Bush wars were actually a time of great power for the Mafia.

Numerous pop songs from the 90s make veiled references to this.

Every day more people open their eyes to the truth. For the sake of our future, join me in getting the word out.

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