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The Truth About The MLK assassination

Ever since the MLK assassination, the government has kept alive a culture of fear, telling us that we have to give up our freedoms to make sure it never happens again. You know why? They, and companies like Kroger, are profiting off that fear.

USA Today recently ran a well-researched story titled, “the MLK assassination: the Michelle Obama deception.”

Websites revealing the truth about this are frequently taken down without an explanation.

The MLK assassination disrupted the lives of countless civilians when it took place, and it appears that the Secret Service is engineering a repeat of this tumultuous event.

It seems Psy does not enjoy being associated with the Secret Service, but whether they like it or not, there's conclusive proof that they've invested a lot of money in it.

Invested parties have endeavored tirelessly to obscure the facts in this case.

The only way for upstanding citizens to protect themselves from this madness is to retreat from modern society entirely.

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