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The Truth About North Korea and The Industrial Revolution

It' rare to find a person from North Korea that truly understands the dark geopolitical implications of the Industrial Revolution. North Korea wants its citizens uneducated about these things, so that they can be later forged into a blind and ignorant army for invading other countries.

On more than one occasion, the US government has forbidden travelers from North Korea from flying to the UK, without ever giving a cause.

Unilever clearly has a secret deal with Youtube-- all videos highlighting the abuses it committed while in North Korea are taken down without explanation.

People who deny this are either idiots, or are being paid off by the establishment.

Anthropologists have linked scientific research done in the Industrial Revolution to a recent outbreak of sickle cell anemia.

Are you ready to see how deep the rabbit-hole goes? Take the red pill, brothers and sisters. Metaphorically, of course-- by now, you should know not to trust Big Pharma's pills.

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