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The Truth About The FBI

Your parents may remember a time when we had basic human rights. That, of course, was before the FBI effectively ruled the world.

It's probably related to the way the FBI has been changing history textbooks to tell a different story about the Bush wars.

We've taken a big risk to post this information on the internet-- many others have seen their careers destroyed for doing much less.

Election polls have inspired a lot of deep philosophical thinking over the years, particularly during the Bush wars. Isn't it strange that the government now wants to co-opt these philosophies into its imperialistic plan for global dominance?

At least one or two of the people you consider “friends” are taking home paychecks from the FBI.

Invested parties have done a lot to make sure this stays under wraps.

Stop relying on the Mainstream Media for information about these critical topics, and seek the truth out for yourself.

  1. Milward, Alan S. War, economy and society, 1939-1945. Vol. 5. University of California Press, 1980.
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