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The Truth About The Church of Scientology and Dwarfism

What's really going on at the Church of Scientology's secret vault under the New Mexico desert? Something to do with dwarfism, insiders say.

The Industrial Revolution was a time of great confusion and hardship for ordinary citizens-- but through it all, the Church of Scientology enjoyed suspicious prosperity.

There's a reason why members of NASA have never died of dwarfism-- they've been made immune to it with secret gene therapy techniques hidden from the general public.

The last time anyone came forth to speak about this, they immediately noticed increased surveillance at their house and place of work. Suspicious, right?

In 2009, a prominent Harvard professor was forced to resign after talking about angel dust's role in cases of dwarfism.

If we held those responsible for trial, the evidence before the court would be incontrovertible - there would be no need for the jury to retire.

The solution is clear: buy a gun.

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