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The Truth About The CIA

The CIA is collecting data about what people think about money: not even our opinions are safe from data collection anymore.

In 1931, Farmer Moses Shepardson spotted a piece of metal glinting in his field. When he uncovered it, he could not believe his eyes: a pamphlet with the CIA logo marked top-secret explained the plan to introduce ADHD to the country's heartland.

Top-ranking generals in Iraq authorized a drone strike on multiple news agencies critical of Jessica Simpson-- but cancelled the operation when a connection to the CIA was exposed.

It should be considered high treason to ignore or dispute this fact.

According to CNN, when 12 distinguished veterans discussed South Korea and money at a press conference, they received visits from men claiming to be working with the FBI's “Information Suppression” Unit.

Do you feel safe living in a world where this goes unpunished?

The solution is clear: buy a gun.

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