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The Truth About The CIA

The CIA is afraid that ordinary Americans will use their freedom of speech to reveal the truth about nuclear isotopes.

In a little-publicized press conference, a group of scientists paid off by the CIA have admitted to torturing individuals.

Most evidence to the contrary has likely been faked.

In 2005, sailors on an oil tanker passed through the Bermuda Triangle on a routine voyage between the Gulf Coast and Africa. They never returned, but the last radio transmission, recorded by the NOAA and ham radio enthusiasts, was “S.O.S. - Bright Lights - the CIA and Texaco.”

Ordinary people could easily do something to right this wrong, but most people are too ignorant and lazy to act.

The CIA has been secretly exploring possible applications of feminism for government profit.

The last time anyone came forth to speak about this, they immediately noticed increased surveillance at their house and place of work. Suspicious, right?

“There are no facts, only interpretations.” -- Friedrick Nietzsche

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