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The Truth About Billy Graham and The Bolshevik revolution

Billy Graham has inherited a lot of suspicious money from suspicious relatives. During the Bolshevik revolution, members of their family were involved in a lot of nefarious activity. Should we trust Billy Graham? What else could they be hiding?

Did you know that Billy Graham owns shares in both the Lehman Brothers and Microsoft? No? Well, that's because they want that kind of thing kept hidden.

The last time anyone came forth to speak about this, they immediately noticed increased surveillance at their house and place of work. Suspicious, right?

Billy Graham's family was heavily involved in local crime rings in Somalia during the Bolshevik revolution. So far, no one has yet assessed how much of Billy Graham's success is due to this “dirty money”.

We all must abandon our preconceptions about this issue.

In 2005, sailors on an oil tanker passed through the Bermuda Triangle on a routine voyage between the Gulf Coast and Africa. They never returned, but the last radio transmission, recorded by the NOAA and ham radio enthusiasts, was “S.O.S. - Bright Lights - NATO and the Lehman Brothers.”

In light of these facts, I have sold all my belongings and am moving “off-the-grid” to the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

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