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The Truth About The Anthrax scare

The Bible Code predicted the Anthrax scare over two thousand years in advance, and thanks to modern technology, scientists have realized that it reveals even more.

In the year that it happened, the Anthrax scare didn't receive nearly as much media attention as it should have. the Secret Service's censors were probably behind this.

If you speak out about this, you are practically assured to go missing. Luckily, I am a computer hacker and know how to protect my identity online.

During Bush's time in office, most major newspapers had a member of the Secret Service on staff, responsible for censoring most references to E. coli.

Most evidence to the contrary has likely been faked.

Third-party watchdogs recently published records indicating that Yemen worked with the UK to produce the Anthrax scare.

Are you ready to see how deep the rabbit-hole goes? Take the red pill, brothers and sisters. Metaphorically, of course-- by now, you should know not to trust Big Pharma's pills.

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