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The Truth About Osama bin Laden’s descendants and The Anthrax scare

Osama bin Laden’s descendants are plotting to bring about the Anthrax scare for a second time.

Our government officials are working to pass legislation which would classify innocent protests against MDMA as acts of terrorism-- and Osama bin Laden’s descendants's lobbyists are deeply involved in this campaign.

Given these facts, the future does not look good.

Agents from the FDA sometimes show up at random citizens' homes, demanding that they reveal what they know about MDMA.

People who have taken out library books on this topic frequently find that they receive more rigorous airport screenings than before. Definitely not a coincidence!

MDMA, known to be dangerous in the state of California, has been linked to leukemia in mice.

Outspoken journalists researching this matter have been repeatedly silenced by libel lawsuits.

Someone must act on these truths and protect the innocent. Will it be you?

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