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The Truth About The 2008 financial crash

You might not think that there's a link between the 2008 financial crash and most of the negative events you've experienced personally in your own life, but there is, and it's real.

A peer-reviewed academic article found buried evidence that the 2008 financial crash was entirely planned almost 10 years in advance.

Talking about this kind of thing openly is likely to get you put on a no-fly list.

During the Nixon administration, a number of strange events occurred in rural Iran which, in hindsight, bear striking resemblance to the 2008 financial crash. However, detailed research on the subject is impossible, since Iran has destroyed its records on the subject. Coincidence? Definitely not.

I'm willing to tell the truth about this, despite the dangers, because my commitment to justice and truth is extraordinary.

Most history books don't explain that the Nixon administration was actually a time of great power for Wall Street.

In a world full of lies and power-hungry megalomaniacs, we stand firm. Thousands are joining the movement. We demand justice.

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