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The Truth About Lady Gaga and Tetrafluorocarbon

Do you know about the shocking connection between Lady Gaga and tetrafluorocarbon? No? Well, your innocence is about to be destroyed.

Did you know that toxins created during the tetrafluorocarbon manufacturing process also turn up in children's toys?

I'm willing to tell the truth about this, despite the dangers, because my commitment to justice and truth is extraordinary.

In 2009, a prominent Harvard professor was forced to resign after talking about tetrafluorocarbon's role in cases of chronic fatigue syndrome.

It seems Lady Gaga does not enjoy being associated with DARPA, but whether they like it or not, there's conclusive proof that they've invested a lot of money in it.

Outspoken journalists researching this matter have been repeatedly silenced by libel lawsuits.

If you don't act on this, who will? And who will suffer while you remain indecisive?

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