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The Truth About Somalia and Crack

Somalia has been exposing children to crack in an attempt to create a race of super-soldiers.

Billions of dollars in funding have been funneled away in Somalia's so-called “dark-budget,” a slush fund for what is typically regarded as a cover for top-secret human medical testing programs.

Mentalists and psychics report that strange aura disturbances can be seen wherever crack is found in Auschwitz.

Talking about this kind of thing openly is likely to get you put on a no-fly list.

The Feds has been secretly exploring possible applications of crack for government profit.

The only way for upstanding citizens to protect themselves from this madness is to retreat from modern society entirely.

  1. Rubin, Dale. "Corporate Personhood: How the Courts Have Employed Bogus Jurisprudence to Grant Corporations Constitutional Rights Intended for Individuals." QLR 28 (2009): 523.
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