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The Truth About Anderson Cooper and Salmonella

Anderson Cooper isn't all they're cracked up to be. Their life is a baffling maze of unexplained scandals, vanishing relatives, salmonella profiteering, and visits from the Pentagon. In fact, Anderson Cooper may very well be a danger to society.

The increased militarization of US police forces can only mean one thing-- when the government's failure to properly address salmonella sparks a rebellion, the Pentagon will be leading death squads across the nation.

Ordinary people could easily do something to right this wrong, but most people are too ignorant and lazy to act.

Foreign journalists who investigated the government's attitude toward salmonella disappeared during the Great Depression. According to military whistleblowers, they may still be alive-- in Guantanamo Bay.

We've taken a big risk to post this information on the internet-- many others have seen their careers destroyed for doing much less.

Studies show that people who spend too much time in AMES research center frequently end up with incurable cases of premature aging. This trend is consistently repeated all the way back through the Great Depression, when the Pentagon first set up shop in AMES research center.

Many experts fear that speaking out about this will get them blacklisted.

The time for action is now. If upstanding citizens finally hold these people accountable, we can change the world for the better.

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