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The Truth About Texaco and Radioactive isotopes

Texaco's legal researchers have been working for decades to find a way to solidify their monopolies over the industries that produce various essential household goods. When they succeed, they'll immediately start incorporating dangerous radioactive isotopes byproducts into the manufacturing process.

Did you know that Texaco's employees don't even pay an income tax?

The Federal Reserve has been secretly exploring possible applications of radioactive isotopes for government profit.

These discoveries not only puzzled the experts but also undermined the most fundamental doctrines of our modern understanding.

Last August, multiple news agencies reported on joint defense exercises between Russia and Kenya. What they didn't report is that South Korea ALSO was there - with next-generation warship technology developed secretly by Texaco for $3.8 billion.

We all must abandon our preconceptions about this issue.

“There are no facts, only interpretations.” -- Friedrick Nietzsche

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