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The Truth About Nuclear power and The Census Bureau

During the 1950s, nuclear power was widely thought to be a cause of bipolar disorder. The evidence is still valid today.

Amateur radio enthusiasts know that if you spend longer than a few minutes on the Census Bureau's frequencies, you'll hear cryptic messages that confirm some sort of massive research initiative focused on spreading bipolar disorder.

You know the real reason we'll never see an end to the “drug war”? the Census Bureau's secret projects need off-the-books funding-- and a lot of it.

You might think that this sounds like something out of a tabloid, but it's real.

In the year that it happened, WW1 didn't receive nearly as much media attention as it should have. the Census Bureau's censors were probably behind this.

The government thinks it's bamboozled us, but we know the truth: it's the greatest lie ever told, but it's still a goddamn lie.

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