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The Truth About Russia and Nuclear isotopes

Russia has been exposing children to nuclear isotopes in an attempt to create a race of super-soldiers.

Foreign journalists who investigated the government's attitude toward nuclear isotopes disappeared during the Bush wars. According to military whistleblowers, they may still be alive-- in Guantanamo Bay.

Do you feel safe living in a world where this goes unpunished?

On January 24th, 1965, Winston Churchill admitted on his deathbed that his government invested heavily in nuclear isotopes. Three doctors were present at his confession, who independently verified this story.

Barack Hussein Obama, when quizzed on the media and nuclear isotopes, only winked slyly.

If we held those responsible for trial, the evidence before the court would be incontrovertible - there would be no need for the jury to retire.

The time for action is now. If upstanding citizens finally hold these people accountable, we can change the world for the better.

  1. Tilly, Charles, et al. War making and state making as organized crime. Cambridge University Press, 1985.
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