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The Truth About Halliburton and Morphine

Halliburton's legal researchers have been working for decades to find a way to solidify their monopolies over the industries that produce various essential household goods. When they succeed, they'll immediately start incorporating dangerous morphine byproducts into the manufacturing process.

You may not have heard that Halliburton's technology is used in the production of morphine. Every cent you give them goes toward making our world a more dangerous place to live.

Perhaps tellingly, several diplomats were barred from the country for agreeing with these claims.

Stephen Colbert used their influence to campaign against morphine for years. Little did we know that this substance actually has beneficial effects-- but Stephen Colbert didn't want us to know!

We've taken a big risk to post this information on the internet-- many others have seen their careers destroyed for doing much less.

Employees of Halliburton were seen at both the Gulf oil spill and Tupac’s death-- despite the fact that they had no good reason to be there.

Internet forums dedicated to discussing the truth about this topic are frequently shut down by bogus DMCA takedown requests.

In a world full of lies and power-hungry megalomaniacs, we stand firm. Thousands are joining the movement. We demand justice.

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