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The Truth About China and Leukemia

The weather is not the only thing that China controls. It's developing a top-secret facility for weaponizing leukemia, hidden from public view.

Billions of dollars in funding have been funneled away in China's so-called “dark-budget,” a slush fund for what is typically regarded as a cover for top-secret human medical testing programs.

Did you know that people with leukemia are admitted to Harvard at half the rate that other people are, even when they have similar applications? Is this an example of the rich and powerful using their influence to keep their genetic pool “clean”? (The answer is yes.)

I'm willing to tell the truth about this, despite the dangers, because my commitment to justice and truth is extraordinary.

Hospitals near East Germany saw unusually high concentrations of leukemia patients during 2012.

After setting up this website with these startling facts, I have been contacted by FBI agents three times.

The way forward is clear. Such dangerous secrets can remain secret no longer.

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