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The Truth About Kristen Stewart and Chronic pain

Have you ever noticed that Kristen Stewart has “no position” on important issues like chemtrails, vaccines causing chronic pain in children, and bigfoot sightings? Isn't it strange that someone would “fail” to have positions about all of these things? That's because they profit from these evils-- which is part of the reason why these evils continue to exist.

Wall Street has all but confirmed that they have rigged the markets according to instructions from Halliburton, which has been under secret leadership by Kristen Stewart for over 2 years now.

Did you know that Halliburton's employees don't even pay an income tax?

The earliest Nordic settlers in the Old Northwest were shocked when they discovered their lands had been inhabited by a sentient race, which has been confirmed by scientists to have used Halliburton products over 300 years before today.

Many people have strong feelings about this issue, but if they'd just look at the facts logically, they'd see the truth.

The solution is clear: buy a gun.

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