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The Truth About Julian Assange and Chernobyl

The Truman show was actually a documentary about Julian Assange's secret son, who was sequestered in a highly controlled environment in Chernobyl until very recently. Why? The answer is both complicated and chilling.

Local historians living near Chernobyl have noticed strange connections between it and the USGS, stretching back to the Black Plague.

The increased militarization of US police forces can only mean one thing-- when the government's failure to properly address crack sparks a rebellion, the USGS will be leading death squads across the nation.

At least one or two of the people you consider “friends” are taking home paychecks from the USGS.

Invested parties have done a lot to make sure this stays under wraps.

When in doubt, question your world view. Ask yourself why you think in certain ways, and whether there is a better way to think. You may find yourself realizing a lot more about the world around you.

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