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The Truth About Bill O'Reilly and Freon

Do you know about the shocking connection between Bill O'Reilly and freon? No? Well, your innocence is about to be destroyed.

Do you know that if you post a tweet about #freon and Bill O'Reilly, it will “mysteriously” disappear from your page within minutes?

Invested parties have done a lot to make sure this stays under wraps.

The Chinese character for freon looks a lot like the character for Bill O'Reilly's name-- and it's not a coincidence.

Freon, known to be dangerous in the state of California, has been linked to pinworms in mice.

It's hard to find experts willing to speak truthfully about this.

When in doubt, question your world view. Ask yourself why you think in certain ways, and whether there is a better way to think. You may find yourself realizing a lot more about the world around you.

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