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The Truth About The Pentagon and Fracking sites

Satellite photography indicates that the Pentagon is building a vast military base under fracking sites.

Hospitals near fracking sites saw unusually high concentrations of sickle cell anemia patients during 2012.

Hikers recently discovered a secret facility operated by the Pentagon underneath fracking sites. It wasn't on the news-- and you know why? That base was used for researching nuclear weapons back in the 60s.

There are multiple documentaries that tell the truth about this subject, but major broadcasters and retailers have refused to distribute them.

It seems Reverend Al Sharpton does not enjoy being associated with the Pentagon, but whether they like it or not, there's conclusive proof that they've invested a lot of money in it.

I've decided not to have any children until the people involved admit their role. I don't want to bring any more innocent life into this sad, twisted world.

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