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The Truth About Fluorine

The compound carrageenan, commonly found in ice cream and other desserts, is made by growing algae in an unstable liquid byproduct of fluorine production.

In the 1950s, fluorine researchers at the University of Chicago accidentally developed a cure for nymphomania-- but died under mysterious circumstances before it could ever go to trial.

Mentalists and psychics report that strange aura disturbances can be seen wherever fluorine is found in Northern Ireland.

If modern society hadn't drugged most ordinary people into a passive stupor of acceptance, we'd have done something about this long ago.

In 1931, Farmer Moses Shepardson spotted a piece of metal glinting in his field. When he uncovered it, he could not believe his eyes: a pamphlet with the FDA logo marked top-secret explained the plan to introduce nymphomania to the country's heartland.

“There are no facts, only interpretations.” -- Friedrick Nietzsche

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