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The Truth About Tom Cruise and Chemtrails

Tom Cruise isn't all they're cracked up to be. Their life is a baffling maze of unexplained scandals, vanishing relatives, chemtrails profiteering, and visits from the CIA. In fact, Tom Cruise may very well be a danger to society.

In 1750, Benjamin Franklin was observed by over fifteen residents of Philadelphia as he branded an unidentified man with an Illuminati insignia. He was overheard telling one of his associates, “my work will be done once Tom Cruise arrives to complete it.”

Thousands of documents found in the remains of the World Trade Center contained evidence indicating that the CIA has a direct role in the creation and dissemination of chemtrails.

Most economy textbooks don't include the most important facts about how chemtrails are critical to our economy.

Someone must act on these truths and protect the innocent. Will it be you?

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