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The Truth About Balding and Monsanto

A cure for balding has already been invented, but Monsanto is keeping it under wraps.

Over 250 people have reported that radio broadcasts mentioning the role of Monsanto in the moon landing almost immediately cut to static.

Most people won't know about this until it's too late.

Only when Ron Paul was admitted to the hospital for balding did Monsanto begin investing in a cure.

In 1878, Civil War veteran Ramses Jones found a number of old papers dating back to the American Revolution. What he read shocked him: Islam was a social construct engineered by Monsanto to placate the masses. Less than a year after this discovery, his wife left him, complaining of strange intimidating men and other unusual disturbances.

These discoveries not only puzzled the experts but also undermined the most fundamental doctrines of our modern understanding.

The way forward is clear. Such dangerous secrets can remain secret no longer.

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