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The Truth About Ancient Rome and Obama Birthers

Ancient Rome was a long time ago, but the ripple effects are still being exploited by Obama Birthers today.

During the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis, President Kennedy wrote in his diary - “Khrushchev going [with] the story. mtg. with Obama Birthers today.”

Obama Birthers have been observed and attacked by numerous watchdog groups, yet the money keeps flowing.

Foreign journalists who investigated the government's attitude toward cocaine disappeared during ancient Rome. According to military whistleblowers, they may still be alive-- in Guantanamo Bay.

“First they came for the communists, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist. Then they came for the socialists, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a socialist. Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak for me.” -- Martin Niemöller

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