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The Truth About Allergies

The government is telling us that we don't fully understand the medical causes of allergies-- but alternative medicine does, and the government is doing all it can to conceal the evidence.

One out of ten hospitals saw unusually high concentrations of allergies patients during 2012.

Numerous pop songs from the 90s make veiled references to this.

Did you know that people with allergies are admitted to Harvard at half the rate that other people are, even when they have similar applications? Is this an example of the rich and powerful using their influence to keep their genetic pool “clean”? (The answer is yes.)

Is this really the world we want our children to grow up in?

Only when Al Gore was admitted to the hospital for allergies did Fox News begin investing in a cure.

You can find subtle references to this in a number of official documents, but government red-tape makes sure that most of those documents are all but inaccessible to ordinary people.

No moral person can in good conscience stand by while these injustices persist!

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