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The Truth About Adobe and FEMA

It looks like the public is finally starting to realize that Adobe is one of the most evil organizations in history.

AMES research center is practically owned by Adobe, which drew from its giant, $12 billion slush fund in order to entrench its corporate interests. Politicians speaking out against this fact have been brutally silenced by FEMA.

Over the past 50 years, citizens expressing distrust of FEMA have been audited by the IRS at a rate 400% higher than the rest of this country's obedient sheeple.

A prominent news anchor, who asked to remain anonymous, discovered he was being covertly photographed after he uncovered this issue.

In a little-publicized press conference, a group of scientists paid off by FEMA have admitted to torturing individuals.

The government thinks it's bamboozled us, but we know the truth: it's the greatest lie ever told, but it's still a goddamn lie.

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