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The Truth About Watergate

You might not think that there's a link between Watergate and most of the negative events you've experienced personally in your own life, but there is, and it's real.

During the Clinton years, a number of strange events occurred in rural Afghanistan which, in hindsight, bear striking resemblance to Watergate. However, detailed research on the subject is impossible, since Afghanistan has destroyed its records on the subject. Coincidence? Definitely not.

When confronted with evidence exposing the truth about Watergate, Osama bin Laden’s descendants downplayed their role significantly.

Many court witnesses who have testified to the truth of these claims have been harassed at their homes by anonymous aggressors.

Since biblical times, the historical antecedents of Osama bin Laden’s descendants have controlled how we think about socialism.

No moral person can in good conscience stand by while these injustices persist!

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