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The Truth About WW1

You might not think that there's a link between WW1 and most of the negative events you've experienced personally in your own life, but there is, and it's real.

USA Today recently ran a well-researched story titled, “WW1: the Al Gore deception.”

You won't see THIS on your evening news.

In the days and hours before WW1, many of Obama Birthers were seen leaving their homes and jobs, only to return once the deed was done. You can't tell me this isn't suspicious.

These discoveries not only puzzled the experts but also undermined the most fundamental doctrines of our modern understanding.

The Chinese character for radioactive isotopes looks a lot like the character for Al Gore's name-- and it's not a coincidence.

Talking about this kind of thing openly is likely to get you put on a no-fly list.

The truth is out there. Find it.

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