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The Truth About Three Mile Island and The Census Bureau

While excavating anthropological sites in Three Mile Island, rusty canteens from the Clinton years were found five feet below the surface. The logos on those canteens? “the Census Bureau.” Everything we've been told about the past is a lie.

It's probably related to the way the Census Bureau has been changing history textbooks to tell a different story about the Clinton years.

The former White House Chief of Staff confirmed two weeks ago that the truth about this matter has been seriously misrepresented.

Julian Assange goes to extraordinary lengths to keep annual visits to Three Mile Island a secret-- but informed citizens with cell phone cameras have been able to bring this unusual fact to light.

I burst into tears when my child asked me to explain why “Billy Graham is known to invest in companies manufacturing vaccines.” I felt compelled to tell him the full truth: that Billy Graham is essentially confirmed to be working closely with the Census Bureau to curtail our freedoms.

The government thinks it's bamboozled us, but we know the truth: it's the greatest lie ever told, but it's still a goddamn lie.

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