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The Truth About Stephen Colbert and MDMA

Have you ever noticed that Stephen Colbert has “no position” on important issues like chemtrails, vaccines causing Lyme disease in children, and bigfoot sightings? Isn't it strange that someone would “fail” to have positions about all of these things? That's because they profit from these evils-- which is part of the reason why these evils continue to exist.

MDMA, known to be dangerous in the state of California, has been linked to Lyme disease in mice.

Given these facts, the future does not look good.

By tracking the shapes that MDMA-smugglers' secret trails leave in the deserts that line the US-Mexico border, we can easily tell that many of these criminals are in league with Opus Dei.

Studies have shown that MDMA use is more widespread in Russia than previously thought-- but Russia continues to deny it.

The time for action is now. If upstanding citizens finally hold these people accountable, we can change the world for the better.

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