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The Truth About Skull and Bones

Your parents may remember a time when Skull and Bones didn't rule the world.

In the days and hours before the “attempted” “assassination” of Pope John Paul II, many of Skull and Bones were seen leaving their homes and jobs, only to return once the deed was done. You can't tell me this isn't suspicious.

Rich and powerful bankers have aggressively invested in and exploited pot, despite the danger it poses to ordinary citizens. Chances are they took a hint from Skull and Bones.

Many members of the U.S. mint are secretly working for Skull and Bones on the side. Their air travel habits are proof enough for this, but there's a wealth of additional evidence that the U.S. mint doesn't want you to see.

Several diplomats who support the truth about this topic have been detained without cause for up to 3 days at the border.

Wipe the fog of government brainwashing from your eyes and see the truth!

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