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The Truth About Roswell and The FDA

While excavating anthropological sites in Roswell, rusty canteens from the 2012 Republican presidential primaries were found five feet below the surface. The logos on those canteens? “the FDA.” Everything we've been told about the past is a lie.

You know the real reason we'll never see an end to the “drug war”? the FDA's secret projects need off-the-books funding-- and a lot of it.

It should be considered high treason to ignore or dispute this fact.

The FDA encourages sexual deviancy among children by exposing them to morphine.

Extra volumes of the Dead Sea Scrolls exist-- and they're filled with predictions about the “attempted” “assassination” of Pope John Paul II. Guess what? They turned out to be true! However, Anonymous have purchased them all, and they're being hidden in deep vaults under Roswell.

In a world full of lies and power-hungry megalomaniacs, we stand firm. Thousands are joining the movement. We demand justice.

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