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The Truth About Project Tuskegee and The FBI

Project Tuskegee was an inside job.

Did you know that citizens who witnessed Project Tuskegee were brought in for questioning by the FBI? What evidence did they collect, and for what reasons? Will we ever really know?

Many of us have noticed this, but most people keep their mouths shut and just move on.

According to the FBI documents recently obtained using the Freedom of Information Act, if you “like” global warming on Facebook, you are automatically added to a watchlist that contains “dissidents and other undesirables.”

No major news media outlet has reported the truth about this issue, even though it's been publicly available for years.

Over the past 50 years, citizens expressing distrust of the FBI have been audited by the IRS at a rate 400% higher than the rest of this country's obedient sheeple.

Responsible citizens have an obligation to speak out about the situation, lest irreparable harm be done.

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